Midwest Broadcast Presents Flyover Land Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

Flyover Land V1 front cover (600pxl)

Midwest hip-hop blog Midwest Broadcast has released a compilation mixtape, Flyover Land, Vol.1, featuring exclusive and unreleased tracks from some of the most talented emcees and producers in the Midwest. It’s named Flyover Land in reference to the common notion that the Midwest is a region not known for producing proficient hip-hop artists, and can thus be overlooked. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and the mixtape seeks to put rest to that opinion. Some of the gifted artists whose tracks are featuring on Flyover Land, Vol. 1 are Heiruspecs, Muja Messiah, M.anifest, Add-2, D/Will, Big Quarters, Guante + Big Cats! and more. The mixtape features sixteen consecutive tracks of uninterrupted, high-quality hip-hop, and is sure to be an enjoyable listen to everyone who gives it a chance. The purpose of Flyover Land, Vol. 1 is to help promote the considerable pool of talented artists we have in the Midwest, but who do not always get the publicity or attention that their skills merit.

To download the mixtape: http://tinyurl.com/flyoverlandV1download
To view the original post on Midwest Broadcast: http://tinyurl.com/flyoverlandV1

Lightning + Thunder Concert DVD (Spring/Summer 2009)

“This is music to live, love and laugh to…” (Jordan Selbo)

Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records + Smokesignyl Productions join forces once again to release the LIGHTNING + THUNDER (VOLUME ONE) CONCERT DVD, documenting the historic concert at Varsity Theater. The concert showcases live performances from the first reggaeton compilation in Minnesota. The album features over 20 musical luminaries of the Twin Cities, including Maria Isa, Prince Jabba, The Kamillion, Truthmaze, St. Paul Slim, Don Xaba + Backup Plomo, Innocent, Pee Wee Dread (Dread I Dread), Unicus, members of Leroy Smokes and more.

The album and the concert received critical praise from press and fans alike. Noting the album as a ‘striking first for reggaeton’, Chris Riemenschneider, of the Star Tribune writes, “Just as lightning arrives before thunder, the reggaeton craze that flashed through Twin Cities nightclubs a couple years ago is now being rolled into something unique by local musicmakers.”

Don’t miss the film document of what City Pages calls ‘…the first TC musical renaissance of the 21st century.” The Lightning + Thunder Concert DVD will be released in the Spring of 2009. The release will also include a remix version of the original Lightning + Thunder (Volume One) album. The second volume of Lightning + Thunder, currently in production, will be released in the Fall of 2009.

From funk to hip hop to reggae and beyond, producer and trumpeter Kyle “HighStyleKyle” Borchert has left his mark on the Twin Cities’ musical landscape. Best known for his work in the award-winning hip hop band Leroy Smokes, Borchert has also worked with such Midwest luminaries as Atmosphere, I Self Divine, Black Blondie, Maria Isa, Kanser, Buss One and many others. Working with Leroy Smokes as both a producer and instrumentalist, Borchert has backed up Bobby Brown, Rhymefest, Golden, Truthmaze, Maria Isa, Omaur Bliss, Slug and many others, all while doing his part performing and helping compose the band’s eclectic, genre-defying original material.

Tru Ruts Endeavors is a multi-disciplinary artistic enterprise ranging from a record label, theatre productions, a radio series, visual art exhibits and film productions. It has been a major innovator + trailblazer in the Twin Cities often producing shows to sold out audiences and critical acclaim.