New Music: See More Perspective ‘What’s Kracken?’

New single from the upcoming beat tape concept album, Breaks in the Clouds (Volumes One + Two), to be released July 27th.

Winner of the “Best Producer” award at the 2009 Urban Griots Awards, Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records artist, See More Perspective, has worked with some of the brightest talents from the Twin Cities, Chicago (his home for nearly a decade) and beyond. “Breaks in the Clouds” is a beat tape that collects some of his favorite productions—some full-on instrumental arrangements, some rap songs stripped of their vocals, and some wild experiments thrown in for good measure. The result is a psychedelic gumbo of styles and flavors. These aren’t sped-up soul samples, generic club bangers or DJ Premier knock-off beats. These are the products of a producer who has developed a real musical personality of his own and isn’t afraid to let it shine through.