see more - first impression - single - cover (600pxl)

Featuring full hip hop songs, beatbox vignettes, remixes and one wild ride of an instrumental track, “First Impression” is emcee/producer/vocal percussionist SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE’s formal re-introduction to the Twin Cities musical landscape.

A St. Paul native, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE returned to the Twin Cities in 2007 after a seven-year stint in Chicago. Mixing the lyrical density and attention to detail the Chi-town underground is famous for with the free-flowing boom-bap of the burgeoning Twin Cities scene, See More’s music is a product of both communities while sounding little like neither of them. Instead, the resulting hybrid sound is reminiscent of the late ‘90s West Coast indie scene, where acts like Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, Souls of Mischief and many more flourished.

Kicking off with the aptly-named title track, a lighthearted and effortlessly cool meditation on connection and community, the EP never loses speed. “What’s Up” is a Friday night houseparty, “Anchor’s Away” the late-night philosophical debate that follows. And where many rapper/producer’s instrumental tracks are self-indulgent throwaway songs, See More’s “Speak to You” is perhaps the highlight of this EP. An undulating mass of funk and soul grooves, this five-and-a-half minute journey into hip hop’s unconscious is dynamic, impressive and—most importantly—fun to listen to.

And more than anything that’s what SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE’s music is: refreshingly fun. Following in the Tru Ruts tradition, it’s free of pretension without being free of meaning; it’s intelligent hip hop you can dance to. If “First Impression” is any indication, the forthcoming re-release of See More’s Chicago underground classic “Architextual Design” should be a welcome breath of fresh air for indie hip hop fans nationwide.

The official release of ‘First Impression’ will be June 30th through rising indie label, Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records. For more information or interviews, contact Shá Cage at or


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